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Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is an author, educator, speaker, and coach who has lectured internationally on topics of Torah thought, Jewish medical ethics, psychology, and leadership.

His new bestselling book, The Journey to Your Ultimate Self, serves as an inspiring gateway into deeper Jewish thought. He is also the founder and CEO of Self-Mastery Academy, the transformative online self-development course based on the principles of Torah, high-performance psychology, and leadership.

After receiving his BA from Yeshiva University, Rabbi Reichman received Semicha from RIETS, a Masters degree in Education from Azrieli Graduate School, a Masters degree in Jewish Thought from Bernard Revel Graduate School, and then spent a year studying at Harvard as an Ivy Plus Exchange Scholar. Rabbi Reichman currently lives in Chicago with his wife and son where he is pursuing a PhD at the University of Chicago.

Rabbi Reichman also holds a coaching certification in positive psychology from Robbins-Madanes Training, having received training from Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, world leaders in positive psychology. He has also spent time studying at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

After suffering from a near death experience and overcoming multiple medical difficulties, he began asking himself the questions he never before considered: "Am I living with purpose? Why did God put me in this world? What difference am I creating with this life I've been given?"

This led him on a spiritual journey of self-development, with many years full of both personal struggles and breakthroughs, and ultimately to his life's mission of helping others find their inner purpose and live their greatest lives.

Rabbi Reichman has spent his life researching psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and leadership. He has become a sought-after speaker, an in-demand coach, a popular author, and a pioneer in the field of online education.

He has worked with incredible organizations such as the OU, TorahAnytime,Chazaq, Aish.com, NCSY, JLI, Meaningful Minute, Jewish Workshops, and many others. His deep and inspiring lectures can also be found on YUTorah.org, TorahDownloads.com, and many other websites.

Rabbi Reichman's passion is spreading Jewish wisdom worldwide. His inspirational videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people and his online courses have revolutionized the way self-development is being taught.

You can contact Rabbi Reichman at [email protected]

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Testimonials and Endorsements for Self-Mastery Academy:

Dr. David Pelcovitz 

We are living in an age of distraction, disconnection from others, and spiritual alienation. I have reviewed Rabbi Shmuel Reichman’s Self-Mastery curriculum and find his enthusiasm and passion for personal growth to be an inspiring way to address these challenges. I highly recommend this course for anybody who is interested in a fresh perspective on finding their path in life, while growing in the depth of their spiritual connection.

Charlene Aminoff

Rabbi Shmuel Reichman's course is absolutely amazing! It will help you achieve a wonderful version of yourself. It's all about growth, it has inspiring messages, it's practical, and relatable. Check it out and let me know what you think!





Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

I trawled through a bunch of the classes and Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is a genius. Super smart to create a systematic approach to growth instead of lots of helpful lectures coming at you at random. This is like a book written for 2020 audiences to grow. But buyer beware... You will not be the same person when you finish as when you started!



Mrs. Shira Smiles

Rabbi Shmuel Reichman has created an incredible series that will guide you through the obstacle courses of life in a methodical, step by step approach. He will help you meet your core self by helping you recognize your desires, your mindset, and the direction that you wish to head towards. On this journey he will carefully take you to the deepening of self, help you change your behaviors and character traits, and enable you to become the type of person that you envision and dream of becoming.
This course is not just about information, it's about real self-transformation.

Rabbi Yisroel Majeski

I have heard many lectures from Rabbi Shmuel Reichman, and he is just amazing. He's inspiring, thoughtful, and has a way of delivery which makes everything so easy to understand.

If you are able to take this course, you should. I highly recommend it; it's life changing!




Sara Yoheved Rigler

I am very impressed with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman’s “Self-Mastery Academy.”

This is a program of self-transformation that actually works. He has taken deep wisdom and created a system where he leads the person step-by-step, with practical tools, real examples, and personal worksheets, to becoming their best self. I heartily recommend it.



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