The Antony Gordon Show- "Building Inner Strength" (Guest Podcast Episode #4)

podcasts Oct 02, 2022

Listen Here:


In this incredible conversation with Rabbi Chanan Gordon (from "The Antony Gordon Show- Lessons 4 Life I did not learn at Harvard”), we dove deep into the concept of identity and how to achieve that next level of success. (His podcast is for a universal audience, so while everything is based on Torah, the language we used was universal.)

We spoke plenty about Tony Robbins and Jordon Peterson, two legends in the thought-leadership industry. And that’s all just in the first half of the episode! We also discussed the challenges and virtues of money, technology, social media, and plenty of other fascinating questions that come up along the journey to success.

This was one of the best recorded conversations I’ve had in a long time, and I can’t wait for you to listen!


Some Highlights From Our Conversation:


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