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About Shmuel's Elite Coaching Program


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Shmuel's Coaching Credentials:

In addition to Shmuel's formal degrees, he holds a coaching certification from Robbins-Madanes Training, having received training from Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, world leaders in positive psychology. (Click here for Shmuel's full bio and credentials) 

About Shmuel's Elite Coaching Program: 

When you join Elite Coaching, Shmuel will:

1- Help you achieve higher levels of performance in all areas of your life.

2- Challenge you to become the greatest version of yourself.

3- Create a personalized program around your goals.

4- Work with you every week to help you succeed. 


Shmuel's Program is for You If:

1- You are looking to excel in your personal development, relationships, business, spirituality, or physical health. 

2-  You are a successful individual who is looking to take your success and performance to the next level.


What's Included:

1- Shmuel will personally coach you through weekly phone sessions.

2- Receive free access to Self-Mastery Academy, Shmuel's 10-week self-development course. (All bonuses included).

3- Shmuel will help you personalize your Self-Mastery Academy experience.


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Shmuel's Additional Coaching Programs:


1- Coaching Mastery: Learn How to Become a Coach

Do you want to become a coach? (Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Health Coach, etc.)

Want to learn how to impact people's lives and make a great living doing what you love?

In this program, Shmuel will teach you how to:

1- Become a coach

2- Create your own coaching program

3- Position yourself to succeed professionally and financially in the coaching industry. 

(For more info, email [email protected])


2- Business Mastery: For Coaches

Are You Already a Coach? Trying to Create a Successful Coaching Business?

In this unique training program, Shmuel will take you through the step-by-step process of creating your ultimate coaching business, teach you how to position yourself in the market, and show you his proven method for getting clients.

(For more info, email [email protected])


3- Thought Leadership Training

Do you have a message?

Are you on a mission to share your voice and ideas?

Want to inspire the world? 

In this training program, Shmuel will take you through a step-by-step process and show you how to position yourself to create the impact you want to see, and become the leader you know you can be.

(For more info, email [email protected])

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The Elite Coaching Package

What's Included:


1) Shmuel will personally coach you through weekly phone sessions.

2) Receive free access to Self-Mastery Academy, Shmuel's 10-week self-development course. (All bonuses included)

3) Shmuel will help you personalize your Self-Mastery Academy experience.


First Session is FREE

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[email protected]

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Hear What Shmuel's Past Clients Have to Say



I personally feel privileged and proud to be under the guidance of Shmuel Reichman. As a noted lecturer, he is super knowledgeable and relates to his clients each to their own level, and there is never any judgment on any topic of discussion.
As someone who understands day to day life struggles, he caters his material and exercises to each one individually- so no two people are the same. 
You are always and will always have undivided attention and nothing is ever compromised.
On a personal note, I had reached out to him asking him to help me get from what I perceived as "Point A" to "Point B," but he expanded my horizons and showed me just how much I am capable of. I can honestly say that I've gone from A to B to C to D, and I haven't stopped since. The journey is rough, but the guidance is unreal. 


I think Shmuel brings a really unique perspective to the table. His knowledge of psychology and philosophy and life in general is so expansive and broad, it's truly impressive. But I think his Torah perspective is what really distinguishes him from the pack.
He has all of the marking of a true positive psychologist, like Tony Robbins and Adam Grant, people who use psychology to help you reach your goals. Shmuel is very much the same, but his Torah perspective really makes him so much more effective.
Another thing which makes him unique is that he understands you from where you are and allows you to grow on your own path. His methods are very genuine, and instead of using quick fixes, he goes to the root of issues. He empowers you by helping you think about your life in a new way and clearly envision your goals, and then helps you work towards achieving them.
I highly recommend Shmuel's coaching program.

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