The Greatest Story of All Time: The Spiritual Battle Between Judaism and Yishmael (Islam)

full-length lectures inspirational clips machshava story video Nov 14, 2023

This is the most unique Torah presentation I’ve EVER given!

I decided to call it:

“The Greatest Story of All Time:

The Spiritual Battle Between Judaism and Yishmael (Islam)”

(Immediate disclaimer: I have a special respect for many Muslims and I have many Muslim colleagues; the title is designed to frame why there are forms of Islam that hate the Jewish People, as well as other groups of humanity)

This the deepest Torah presentation I have ever given, and it’s also the greatest risk I’ve EVER taken, for a very deep reason:

This is a presentation that actually requires hundreds of thousands of individual shiurim in order to “fully” understand.

But people are struggling right now…

They need answers; they need a framework; they need to understand this “story” of life, and how Hamas fits into the infinitely deep and beautiful wisdom of Torah.

It also happens to be that I have been feeling VERY sick this week, so this was a real struggle to record… but this was too important to push off.

So I fought as hard as I could to push through.

[I almost passed out a few times during the presentation… but it was actually one of the best shiurim I’ve ever given; so Hashem not only helped me get through it, but He also put the right words in my mouth.]

(P.S. This was delivered in a "language" that is specifically for a Jewish audience with a strong Torah background; but I also tried to make it as accessible as possible.)

So here we go. 



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