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Pesach Seder Insights #4- What’s Our Goal in Telling Over the Story of Yetzias Mitzrayim?

holidays video Apr 05, 2020


We conclude the paragraph of "Avadim Hayinu" by proclaiming, "v'chol hamarbeh li'saper bi'yitzias Mitzrayim, harei zeh mishubach" - all those who elaborate on the Exodus from Egypt, behold, this is praiseworthy. The Rambam (Maimonides) codifies this as a legitimate halacha of Seder night. What is the meaning of this statement? What is the importance of telling over the Pesach story at great length, and why on this night specifically?


There are two ways to interpret the statement of "v'chol hamarbeh." The first is on a quantitative level, that one should tell over as much of the Exodus story as possible. The second is a qualitative approach, that one should delve into the miracles and wonders that Hashem performed when taking us out of Mitzrayim in as much depth as possible. 


There is, however, a third way to understand this statement, one that offers a new perspective on Yetzias Mitrayim and the goal of Seder night. Yetzias Mitzrayim was not merely a historical event, rather it was the birth of the Jewish People - our people, you and me. The story did not end with the birth of the Jewish People, it continues with them growing into the nation they are meant to become. When the Jewish People left Mitzrayim, we journeyed to Har Sinai and Matan Torah, where we were given the Torah and our mission in this world as Hashem's chosen nation. This is the story that has continued throughout history, that you and I are commissioned to continue to this very day. 


Sippur means to tell over a story, and the hagaddah says that whoever does this increasingly is praiseworthy. Jewish history is not only “his”-story, it's our story. It is our mission and destiny, and we must continue to grow and thrive in this mission. The goal is to make yourself a part of the Jewish story, to continue what began with Yetzias Mitzrayim, to become the person you were meant to be. V'chol hamarbeh.... harei zeh meshubach.



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