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I never thought I’d say yes this to this request, but if you watch the video, you’ll understand why I made a one-time exception to my unbreakable rule. 

We’re seeing something truly unprecedented; we’re witnessing a unique turning point in Jewish history unfold right before our eyes!

This is the video that EVERY Jew needs to watch right now.

This is the message that EVERY Jew needs to hear.

This is the vision that EVERY Jew needs to embody, so that we can create a unified expression of Jewish unity like the world has never before seen!

Together, we’re going to create something so powerful, that not only will the Jewish People be more inspired, united, and successful than ever before, but that light will shine forth to all four corners of the world and spread a message of inspiration that the world will never forget.

This Chanukah, we need to STAND TALL!

If you’ve never lit a Menorah before, LIGHT ONE THIS YEAR!

If you’ve always lit a Menorah, but you live in France, England, or Turkey, and you’re scared for your life… LIGHT ONE ANYWAYS!

No matter what, take your Chanukah lighting this year to the next level.

In the face of darkness, we will never cower in fear.

We will always stand up for what we believe in; no matter the cost. 

Because, whatever we would lose by standing up for truth, we would lose infinitely more by giving it up!

So let’s stand tall, shine bright, and make this Chanukah a turning point in Jewish history, where we shine a light that the world will not only never forget, but a light of Pirsumei Nissah (publicizing the miracle of Chanukah) that inspires the whole world to see the true beauty, wisdom, and truth of Torah; to admire what the Jewish People truly represent!

And as soon as Chanukah ends, we're going to CONTINUE TO SHINE THE LIGHT OF CHANUKAH, by bringing the entire Jewish business world together at JBiz for the greatest Jewish business event that the world has ever seen!

Every Jew needs to watch this video!

Together, we’re going to create the greatest light in Jewish history!

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